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About VTS-Logistic, LTD

VTS-Logistic, LTD is russian freight forwarding company which started to work since 2009. Our team are highly skilled professionals which work in the field of logistic over 10 years.
Company located in the port of Vladivostok and we have agreement for terminal handling. Also we have long-term relationships with following shipping companies: FESCO, CMA-CGM, APL, Maersk, MCC Transport, KMTC (agent BELSU Logistic), SINOKOR, HMM.
With years of experience in the logistics market, specialists of the VTS-Logistic select for you the optimum logistics solution and provide quality and timely implementation of the selected solution.
The main services:
-International multimodal transportation,
-Container shipments,
-Russian inland railway transportation,
-Customs clearance, consalting,
-Trade services.
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